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Finishing Process

  1. It all begins with a good foundation of white wood sanding.
  2. All surfaces are machine and hand sanded to perfection.
  3. All dust particles are mechanically removed and inspected.
  4. A specially formulated wood treatment is applied to insure uniformity in color.
  5. Special earth friendly stains are hand applied and wiped.
  6. All the products are then oven cured to insure even curing.
  7. A moisture and chemical resistant sealer is applied.
  8. All products are then inspected and shaded for improved consistency.
  9. Another two coats of sealer are applied.
  10. All products are again oven cured to ensure even curing.
  11. All surfaces are hand sanded with superior quality in mind.
  12. All products are inspected for quality
  13. 2 coats of catalyzed conversion varnish are applied to all finished surfaces.
  14. All products are oven cured.

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